Move your people from depleted, demoralised and on the edge of burnout to energised, engaged and empowered to take control of their own wellbeing


Empower your employees to invest in their healthy habits

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Small changes = big results

The science behind the myths of healthy habit change that hold your people back and the evidence-based ways for how to overcome them to finally make habits that last

Develop skillpower over willpower

Move your people beyond relying on their unreliable willpower and instead build their skill power to take control of their healthy habits and start to create change immediately

Find joy in healthy habits

Uncover the research backed but rarely shared secrets of what it takes to shake off the shackles of stress, burnout and fatigue and support your people to create healthy habits that stick

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What Dr Heather’s clients are saying

"I want to thank you Heather so much agreeing to be part of what was such a positive and uplifting afternoon.  We are really grateful to you for delivering such an inspiring and motivational session, for sharing your knowledge and insight around behaviour change techniques and supporting the personal and professional development of our staff. The positive feedback we have received has been incredible! Thank you again Heather, you really were brilliant, and it was such a pleasure to meet you and learn from you."
Emma Buxton
Primary Care, Community Services and Strategy Directorate NHS England and NHS Improvement 
"The talk was fantastic. I was feeling so motivated, I went straight out after and had a run!"
Rachel Pearce
Global Health - UK & Ireland, Unilever
"The outcomes after Heather's talk have been so good, most people we work with can’t believe it works so well as it feels too easy!"
Lisa Dean
Wellbeing Coaching lead at Thrive Tribe
"Thank you so much, Dr Heather for your keynote providing us with evidence-based ways to create habits that last. We received feedback from our colleagues, and they really enjoyed the workshop very much and felt like they could apply the skills straight away. Thank you so much for offering this to our people, they appreciated it a lot, especially during these challenging times!"
Daniela Carastoain
Allianz Europe
"Working with Dr Heather was a pleasure from start to finish. From crafting engaging and action-based workshops, through to delivering them with a professional yet natural ease, her passion for her subject really shines through. All of the attendees felt empowered and fully equipped to build on their healthy habits!"
Sally Florey
Growth Manager, Unmind

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